Welcome to my Music site! My style of composition ranges from electronic music to orchestral soundtrack work. This collection spans several years and is an ongoing project to restore and rework many of my older compositions from their original project files. I hope you enjoy what you hear!

Status: Original MP3 files recovered and uploaded here, lots of music files missing listed on my old site on web archive that will be restored soon.

About Me

I found my interest in composition from listening to movie soundtracks and video game music. I currently hold a diploma in Music Technology and a degree in Music Composition. Finding time to make music is an ongoing challenge alongside my fulltime job as a software developer. I am currently building a sound-proofed studio room in my home in Vancouver.

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Music here is © Copyright James Hansen and all tracks except those with a star are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial 4.0 International license. You can use this in non commercial projects with attribution, and you're free to remix or adapt this music in any way.

* This music is only for use in it's respective project and is not covered by the creative commons license.

The 'Pi Cave' - Media/Nerd/Music Room

This room was been in the planning since late 2013 when me and my wife first bought our townhome in Langley. The house originally had a large tandem garage when it was constructed in 1995, however in 1999 a previous owner had a dividing wall installed and half the garage converted to a room. However it never truely felt like it's own proper space because you had to walk through the wall to get to the garage, and there was no heating.

The idea was to turn this cold ugly space into a more warm and friendly media and games room that the whole family can enjoy.

Today it now contains old video games everyone can play together, space for my musical instruments and room for anyones personal projects. Some people have referred to it as a "Man Cave", which is a term I don't like as it implies the rest of the family isn't welcome, which isn't the case. My father who is a mathematician, suggested calling it the Pi Cave, as it is home to my Raspberry Pi computer, and the name stuck.


This is what the room originally looked like. In June 2016, just over 2 years later, work on the room finally began. Me and my wife ripped out all the drywall, I had already ripped up the carpet and we scrapped the floor clean of the glue. All that remained was the exposed studs.

The room remained this way while we raised up the funds to purchase the new materials and come up with the plan for the work. In January 2017, I finalized the plan, and went for simply constructing new walls for a corridor, adding more outlets and LAN (the room originally only had 2 outlets at arm-height!) and soundproofing the den area using two layers of 5/8" drywall with greenglue inbetween, and a decoupled ceiling using hat channel.

First step was building the new walls to add the division between the room and the entrance to the remaining garage area. I drew up a plan for the wall framing to figure out how many pieces of wood I would need, which I then went and purchased from Home Depot. I then used a mitre saw to cut the wood into pieces.

Next was the electrical wiring for all of the outlets, as well as the LAN wiring and Speaker wiring. In the second picture you can see I ran 4 speaker wires through the walls in case I want to set up a 7.1 surround system including the insulation which was completed by the end of February.

Now for the first layer of drywall, this took me and my wife about 2 weeks to complete on and off, being distracted playing and completing Zelda Breath of the Wild in between.

With the first layer complete and sealed we began the second layer. I got to crack open my first tube of Green Glue which is a noiseproofing compound that goes between the two layers of drywall.

By the beginning of April the walls are now drywalled and completed. The second picture shows how thick the walls are.

Next was the Hat channel and clips. Essentially at hat channel is a thin steal beam which you attach to the frame of the house with special clips which dampen the sound. This reduces the footstep noise above and noise from the room escaping into the rest of the house. I used RSIC-1 clips to do this. This was actually quite quick and only took half a day of work to do, not much extra effort for more soundproofing. The cost of the clips is quite high though, just 30 of them came to $156 USD, which converted to around $200 CAD.

Up goes the ceiling! We had to hire a drywall lifter tool from Home Depot to do this, and with two layers to do it took around 2 days to complete. Finding the Hat Channel to screw into when doing the second layer was quite a challenge!

Critical gaps in the drywall as well as butt joints are fibertaped and mudded.

My wife Stefania gets to prime the first completed wall. After the room is primed, we begin the Yellow and Purple paint.

Painting is complete and looks very nice. IKEA track lights are installed that work with the awkward placement of the light fixtures.

After the carpet was fitted the 240v softheat baseboard heater is installed, finally giving this room a proper heating system. We constructed and installed the IKEA Besta system to house all the video game consoles.

Desk is built (again, IKEA...) and populated. Room is now ready to be used.

The room was officially completed August 13th 2017, one year and two months after demolition began. It was a long project but interesting to learn some DIY skills and we are both very happy with the result!


Coming soon!

About Me

My name is James Hansen. I have always been a creative - I love producing work for others to enjoy. As a kid, I used to create music on a daily basis, and even have a degree in the subject, but professionally I have dabbled in programming and graphic design. Filmmaking is also something that interests me and plan to do more of this in the near future.

I am the proud husband to my beautiful wife Stefania who I married in October, 2015.

The subject of Quantum physics has always facinated me - this is where I devised my original internet name, QuantumJimbo. Later this became Qjimbo, a name which has stuck with me now for 16 years.

I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada and grew up in the UK.

Email me: me *at* or qjimbo *at*
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About this Site

My website has a complex history! Back in 2002 I purchased a hosting plan that included my name as a domain name I used this domain name everywhere, most notably my music being on and this link being shared in all my online music related projects. Then I had a disagreement with my hosting and they dissapeared. My domain was never renewed and then purchased by a domain squatter, and later sold to a business in real estate. Later I started another site called as a studio project, but this was retired in 2015. This page is the continuation of my web presense, flying under the banner of my long-time internet moniker - Qjimbo!

The goal of this site is to host as much of my original music content as possible, as well as other content I have created over the years.

This banner at the top is inspired by the banner for my music site I created back in 2004 using Real Draw:

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